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11 February 2013 @ 06:48 am

Title: #37. Incest [Shinee Kink Table]
Pairing: Jonghyun/Key
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Angst, lots of angst, and smut :D
Warning: Bucket loads of angst, a wee bit of dirty talk, swearing, sex
Summary: In which Jonghyun doesn't want to let go.
Masterpost (or if you'd like to make a request!) can be found here.

Key half smiles, eyes empty. "Then let's make it count."Collapse )

10 December 2012 @ 06:57 am
Title: #08. Spanking [Shinee Kink Table]
Pairing: Taemin/Minho
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Shamless smut. Shameless, I'm telling you.
Warning: Spanking. Dirty talk. F-bombs :D
Summary: In which Taemin has a warped sense of love.
Masterpost (or if you'd like to make a request!) can be found here.

To Taemin, nothing says I love you more than a bright red hand-print on his ass.Collapse )
27 November 2012 @ 11:22 pm
SHINEE [ahemjongkeywhat] KINK TABLE

(edit: um now that i've got such an overwhelming response to this. I WILL BE TALLYING VOTES. So for every request, I'll add a tick to my flow chart and we'll go with whichever ones get the most votes 8D)

001.Breath Play002.Voyeurism003.Exhibitionism004.Cross-Dressing005.Fisting
006.Age Play007.Rape Fantasy008.Spanking009.Threesome010.Rough
011.Nipple Play012.Butt Plugs013.Anonymous Sex014.Blood Play015.Biting
016.Facial017.Bondage018.D/S019.Double Penetration020.Oral Fixation
021.Jealousy022.Pornography023.Aphrodisiacs024.Shower Sex025.Chocolate
026.Begging027.Foot Fetish028.Dildos029.Deep-throating030.Cyber
046.Dubious Consent047.Orgasm Denial048.Prison Scenarios049.Prostitute050.Protectiveness
051.Car Sex052.Swallowing053.Blindfolds054.Collar055.Conditioning
056.Fuck Buddies057.Fuck or Die058.Gags059.Animalistic Behavior060.Intoxication
061.Masquerade062.BDSM063.Neck Fetish064.Secret Identity065.Lingerie
066.69067.Sensory Overload068.Elevator069.Dirty Talking070.Ownership
071.Branding072.Tentacle Sex073.Wax074.Trapped075.Underage
076.Voice Festish077.Phone Sex078.Vulernability079.Whipping080.Electric Play
081.Striptease082.Angry Sex083.Ropework084.S/M085.Prize
086.Power087.Nautifcal Fetish088.Hand Fetish089.Noise090.Make-Up
091.Knife-play092.Hot Spot093.Watersports094.Fucking Machines095.Forbidden
096.Forced Feminization097.Finger-Fucking098.Frottage099.Exoticism100.Body Modification

So here it is, you dirty whores you! A list of kinks, some that you will find to your tastes and some that will... possibly gross you right the hell out. Now as fetishes go, I think I picked some pretty tame ones. Some of them, no. Just no. But, read the ones that interest you and by all means, skip the ones that don't! I originally thought 100 seemed impossible, but by the end, I was having to choose the ones I liked the most. YEAH, I'M KINKY. SUE ME. Enjoy guise :D

This table was originally meant for YunJae b-but I'm not feeling the DBSK vibes lately. SO INSTEAD WE SHALL MAKE SHINEE DIRTY SLUTS. Mostly will consist of Jongkey, but other pairings will slip in. SO YEAH. IM KINKY WHATEVER. LETS ALL JUST BE WHORES TOGETHER AND ITS OKAY.

Requests are welcome :D (you can request things that aren't on here! for every five new requests, i'll make a new row :D)